McLaren showcases P1 Prototype the Middle East

March 7, 2013Jonny No Comments »

Prior to its debut in Geneva, the McLaren P1 was showcased by the sports car manufacturer in Bahrain for its Middle East debut. Bahrain is actually the home of McLaren Automotive in the Middle East and the base of Mumtalakat, one of its major shareholders. It is also no surprise that the wealthiest of the [...]

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Video: Porsche shows off Panamera Sport Turismo on the streets

December 14, 2012Jonny No Comments »

Some might criticize the design lines of the Porsche Panamera sedan but for us it does a reasonable job of being sporty while being consistent with the rest of the brand’s lineup. It might look more like a station wagon or a shooting brake as others might call it. The Panamera Sport Turismo is among [...]

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Porsche unwraps the Platinum Edition Panamera

October 24, 2012Jonny No Comments »

If you are a fan of the Panamera but wants something more with this cool car, you might be pleased to know that Porsche launches a pair of special editions of your favorite ride. The special edition vehicles will be based on the Porsche Panamera and the AWD Panamera 4. The cars will start rolling [...]

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Maserati set to introduce 3 new models, Alfa Romeo 4C for production at Modena Plant

April 26, 2012Jonny No Comments »

It is the time of the year when the Fiat Groups shares its next moves with its fans and the rest of the car industry. Recent the Italian car manufacturer announced that the Maserati brand will expand its lineup of products and increase its production volume thru the next 2 years. The brand is also [...]

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Kim Dotcom , his Mega life, and his love for cars

February 13, 2012Jonny No Comments »

Kim Dotcom seemed to had it all – a ton of cash, sexy women, and really fast cars. What else did he wish for. Kim Dotcom or Kim Schmitz was a former hacker who founded the popular website MegaUpload valued at around $200 million. Well this was his life until federal authorities shut down his [...]

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M Division of BMW wants to come up with rival for Mercedes SLS AMG

October 27, 2011Jonny No Comments »

The range of BMW is already quite extensive when you look at it starting from the entry level 1-Series to their M variants. You will not run out of BMW vehicles if you think of a sallon, coupe, hatchback, SUV, or hybrid. The development goes on and just recently auto spies saw an X6 M [...]

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End of the Line: Lotus Elise and Exige roll out Final Edition

August 16, 2011Wesley S. No Comments »

The Lotus Exige and the Lotus Elise are at the end of the line for the sports car brand in North America. In celebration of its years on the road, Lotus presents to their fans and buyers, the Exige S260, the Final Edition of the Exige, and the Elise SC, the Final Edition of Elise. [...]

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Mach7 Motorsports Unveils the 500HP Falcon

March 4, 2011Wesley S. No Comments »

Ironically, the hush-hush debut of the striking 500HP Falcon by Mach7 Motorsports during the recently held Detroit Auto Show is in contrast with the car’s bold, daring, and loud over-all look and feel. But when you consider the fact that Mach7 Motorsports plans to manufacture around 15 units of the 500HP Falcon in a year, [...]

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Subaru and Toyota’s versions of the FT-86

October 1, 2010Wesley S. No Comments »

According to Japanese sources, the Subaru version of the FT-86 sports vehicle could attain at least 60bhp compared to the Toyota version once the plans are completed.  Due to Toyota’s desire to improve their engines in terms of fuel efficiency, the joint production of the FT-86 has been halted and delayed until later in 2013. [...]

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Ferrari displayed Goodwood goodness with 458 Supercar Run [with video]

August 8, 2010Wesley S. No Comments »

The Italian carmaker unleashed a trio of jaw dropping automotive creations during last months Goodwood FOS Supercar Run. Among the Ferrari delights during the event is the Ferrari 458 which you can enjoy on the video released by the car manufacturer. The video of the 458 Italia gives you the view from its dashboard cam [...]

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